Janice simsohn shaw

Janice’s facilitation style is warm, energetic, and infused with humor. She writes:

I believe that a good facilitator should not be what is remembered after a retreat, meeting, or training – rather, that the group should come away with a greater sense of investment in and ownership of the project at hand, and a greater connectedness to each other. I work closely with stakeholders in the planning process to understand the goals, players, dynamics, and possible hurdles, and to together craft a realistic, dynamic, and fruitful agenda. I am committed to designing and facilitating gatherings and experiences that are enjoyable, meaningful, and lead to clear and achievable action steps. 




As a consultant, she has designed leadership programs, facilitated convenings, meetings and retreats of all sorts, provided external grantmaking assessments, and trained others in the fine and fun art of facilitation - some of her very favorite work!

In the philanthropic sphere, Janice has designed and facilitated leadership development programs for Next Gen philanthropists and executive directors. Her writing has been published on a topics including capacity building, investing in non-profit leaders, program-related investments, facilitation, multi-generational philanthropy, and engaging young people in giving. She is a popular trainer at conferences in the sector.

Prior to her work in DC, she served the environmental field and the Jewish community, working for a number of non-profit organizations, and worked as a journalist and fact-checker. Janice studied at Skidmore College and Oxford University, and is a proud alumna of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS Alaska). She has training from The Social Transformation Project, the Interaction Institute for Social Change and the Center for Civic Reflection.